Where Are Our Male Allies?

For the past few days, me and several other women within my network have been strategizing on what to do next, pulling together resources, doing outreach, sharing everything we can on social media and trying to figure out who can help us ensure this #BrewToo movement receive’s mainstream attention so change actually happens. Personally, I instantly grabbed my cape assuming the role of Wonder Woman, ready to jump in and save the day. Because that’s what women do. WE DO SHIT. Get it done. Make change happen. We light fires under the asses of men otherwise it would take forever to get things done and implement change.

As I heard from more and more women, read their stories and tried to strategize ways to support…I suddenly came to a halt. Where are our male allies? Do we speak up? Do we ask them to make a statement? Do we ask them for help?

The absolute worst thing for anyone to do right now is stay quiet. All men if you know a woman in beer, you’ve ever drank a beer, been to a bar, work professionally in beer, you homebrew, etc. should be part of this conversation. If you work for a brewery, bar, bottleshop, etc. that isn’t part of the conversation and isn’t asking what they can do to help and putting necessary plans in place to ensure the safety of their female workers and customers, then CALL THEM OUT. And any brewery mentioned in @RatMagnet’s IG Stories, should be making a statement and creating a plan to do better, if not, CALL THEM OUT. We need action.

Where are our allies? Please reach out to us and let’s work together to make these much needed changes before women leave the industry altogether.

Some helpful tips below too via @GirlNamedJake (thank you!)

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