“Waiting it Out” is Not an Option

Haven’t we waited long enough? When I saw a story shared by @EmboldenActAdvance about a male beer industry media professional being asked at the CA Beer Summit “How breweries embroiled in social media controversies should react…He suggested ‘waiting it out’ rather than addressing the issue publicly, regardless of any harm may have been caused to a victim or community at large,” it triggered a long history of men telling me to “wait it out.” For example, when I deserved a promotion and was already doing two jobs and way underpaid. After three years at the company and after 6 months of continuing to be told to “wait” over and over again, I finally did receive the promotion though still underpaid but it was too fucking late anyway. I had already accepted another job for a better opportunity and better pay. Also during that whole process of “waiting” my HR point had burned me by telling my (male) boss I had confronted her about the situation and that I had spoken confidentially with a hiring manager about another job opportunity at a subsidiary company. Between being asked to “wait it out” and not having the support of HR, it was all really disappointing. And that’s the thing, women deal with this type of situation all the time. Every time someone says “have patience” or “just let things play out” they don’t understand that this exact response is the problem. This is why we are here in this place right now. We have been told to wait it out and be patient for far too long. No one is going to swoop in and rescue us. That expression “good things come to those who wait” is literally meant to prevent people from speaking up. Women can’t sit back and just wait things out because we’re still trying to get equal pay, challenge gender norms and fight for the freedom to do what we want with our bodies! We cannot wait it out. And anyone who says we should wait it out is part of the problem. 

We’ve waited fucking long enough. 

Do not let these people and companies get away with things.

Don’t let these stories be forgotten.

Keep speaking up.

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