Women of the Bevolution Announces Transcending Trauma Program in collaboration with Hop Forward Consulting

We have partnered with Hop Forward Consulting to launch the Transcending Trauma Program for survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment in the brewing industry. This program will also be offered as an option for those who apply to the Bevolution Brave Voices Fund (link in bio). Breweries will be sponsoring the survivors so they’re able to go through the Transcendental Meditation (TM) training.

➡️ The goal is to create conscious behavior, heal the mind & body, integrate knowledge & relieve stress.

➡️ The Transcending Trauma Program is a personalized wellness & wellbeing program to transform and improve lives as a response to the #metoo movement within the brewing industry.

➡️ This program utilizes the ancient, natural, and holistic meditation technique of Transcendental Meditation to create inner peace and change for participants.

WOTB recently went through the TM training and can offer insight on how this program works and the impact it can have on your daily life. Please DM or email us.

Hop Forward Consulting
Women of the Bevolution
Bevolution Brave Voices Fund
Transcendental Meditation for Women
Maharishi International University

Huge thank you to Meagan Anderson and Natalia Fernandez of Hop Forward Consulting for bringing this program to life and we look forward to seeing its impact here in the brewing industry.

If you’d like to learn more or get involved,
email hello@hopforwardconsulting.com or schedule an introductory call here: https://hopforwardconsulting.com/transcending-trauma

Hear directly from Meagan Anderson below on the program and partnership announcement.

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