Bevolution Brave Voices Fund Impact

THANK YOU to all of you who have donated and helped us spread the word about our advocacy to support women and non-binary beverage / hospitality industry professionals. You can see the impact in our collaborative efforts! The Bevolution Brave Voices Fund in collaboration with Another Round Another Rally, Brienne Allan, Jen Blair, Brave Noise and thanks to our partners HRuprise, Hop Forward Consulting, #NotMe App and Empower Law is helping women and non-binary alcohol / beverage industry professionals have the support and resources they need to help them leave toxic workplaces and move forward here in the US (we hope to replicate in other countries and are always looking for collaborators).

  • Raised nearly 15K for Bevolution Brave Voices Fund
  • 6K in financial assistance
  • Distributed nearly 6K in mental healthcare access
  • Provided access to resources including job coaching, mental health resources, legal services and financial support valuing a total of 40K

If you’d like to donate direct to the fund you can do so below

To apply,  you can do so below

This fund is ongoing so we will be actively fundraising as we continue to receive and review applications! If you’d like to get involved reach out to us:

Thank you all!! Let’s keep at it! 

A major shoutout to some of our friends for helping us fundraise 





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