We are a social enterprise determined to provide resources and opportunities to women, female-identifying and non-binary beverage industry professionals. Our goal is to offer a platform meant to inspire and empower femmes in bev to speak up, connect and break the glass ceiling.

Cheers to a better and more inclusive beverage and hospitality industry.

Let’s start a bevolution.

Women of the Bevolution was founded by Ash Eliot (she/her/hers) in the summer of 2019. Her journey in the craft beer and hospitality officially started in fall 2018 right after making a career change. After 10+ working in the music industry at record labels and agencies, she made the move into craft beer through working festivals and helping new breweries launch in Los Angeles. It wasn’t easy making a career change and stepping into a new industry though it shared many similiarities to the music industry especially when it came to diversity and the lack of resources and support for women and non-binary folks. While she was still trying to learn all she could about the craft beer industry at the time, she was also still working on music projects and felt there wasn’t enough resources for women like her trying to break into the industry, learn and connect with other women. That’s when she decided to launch something of her own in hopes of connecting with women in the industry and creating a safe space to learn, collaborate and share our love of all things bev related. What initially started as a networking platform has now evolved into so much more. In 2021, Ash teamed up with Brienne Allan (former brewer at Notch Brewing and now co-founder and brewer at Sacred Profane Brewing) who ignited a #MeToo movement in craft beer after sharing her own story about sexism within the industry and called out to her Instagram followers if they had experienced discrimination in their work. Thousands replied and women around the globe shared their own personal stories in the beer industry. Ash and Brienne launched the Brave Noise global beer collaboration and initiative with a goal for a safe and discrimination-free beer industry. The collab was launched on July 7th 2021 to honor those who have shared their stories and request action by asking breweries to be transparent with their policies/values, commit to the long-term work and brew the Brave Noise Pale Ale with a majority of proceeds supporting a charity or advocacy group dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces. Through the collab and various merch fundraisers (Antisexist Antiracist Proequality Beer Club), they’ve helped raise over $150K for nonprofits around the world, launched two grant programs for BIWOC in the beverage industry, a relief fund (Bevolution Brave Voices Fund), and they continue to raise awareness and funds for grant programs and charities.

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