CREATE! Apply for the Women of the Bevolution BIPOC Grant for Creators in Brewing

CREATE! Women of the Bevolution has teamed up with Jen Blair of Under the Jenfluence and Lindsay Malu Kido of Beer is for Everyone to launch a grant program for women and non-binary entrepreneurs, digital creators, brewers, and homebrewers who identify as an underrepresented or underserved member of the brewing community including, but not limitedContinue reading “CREATE! Apply for the Women of the Bevolution BIPOC Grant for Creators in Brewing”

How to Support Survivors & How to Heal From Past Trauma

A conversation with Dr. Colleen Cira of the Cira Center, a team of behavioral health specialists who focus on trauma and women’s health. In May 2021, Dr. Colleen Cira reached out to WOTB after seeing the flood of stories being shared by Brienne Allan @RatMagnet and offered to provide mental health resources to women whoContinue reading “How to Support Survivors & How to Heal From Past Trauma”

Speak Out Survey

Women of Bevolution has partnered with Speak Out Revolution to launch a global survey to collect data from women and non-binary individuals in the brewing and alcohol industry in regards to their experiences with sexism, gender discrimination, harassment, assault and racism. This data will help to support our ongoing efforts to create safe spaces in the industry.Continue reading “Speak Out Survey”

Remember the Brave Voices. Speak Up.

How you can help us spread the word and keep this important conversation going for much-needed change in the beer and alcohol industry. Where do I begin? First off, I spent yesterday icing my sprained ankle and binge watching the last season of The Handmaid’s Tale. Felt appropriate on the day I had planned toContinue reading “Remember the Brave Voices. Speak Up.”

“Waiting it Out” is Not an Option

Haven’t we waited long enough? When I saw a story shared by @EmboldenActAdvance about a male beer industry media professional being asked at the CA Beer Summit “How breweries embroiled in social media controversies should react…He suggested ‘waiting it out’ rather than addressing the issue publicly, regardless of any harm may have been caused toContinue reading ““Waiting it Out” is Not an Option”

Can The Beer Industry Be Saved?

By Ash Eliot I’ve had what feels like thousands of conversations these past few weeks. While most of my conversations have been with women, I am eager to hear from men. Though several responses I’ve seen and heard feel disheartening. Change seems long ways away. Whether it’s questioning a story shared by @RatMagnet and @EmboldenActAdvanceContinue reading “Can The Beer Industry Be Saved?”