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Meet Bevolution Creator in Bev Grantee LaShanda Poteat

Based in North Carolina, LaShanda is Taproom manager at Little Brother Brewing Barrel & Bottle in Graham and the assistant brewer and cellarperson at Joymongers in Greensboro. As a mother and Woman of Color, she wants to empower other BIWOC moms out there who have a passion for beer to learn about the craft and enjoy it among others with the same interests. One of LaShanda’s goals is to open her own bottleshop. Her ongoing commitment to brewing education is displayed through her involvement leading her local Pink Boots Society chapter and now she’s on the PBS board of directors. While preparing for the Cicerone Level 2 Certification Exam, she will also be speaking at the 2023 Craft Brewers Con in Nashville. If you’re attending CBC make sure to catch the panel Five Actionable Strategies to Increase Taproom Sales on May 8th.

Learn more about LaShanda and her work within the brewing industry below! 

IG Handle: BlkBeerMom

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ethnicity: Black

Homebase: Burlington, North Carolina 

Tell us about your journey in brewing:

My journey into the brewing industry has been very welcoming. In 2019, I started my Instagram account geared towards letting specifically moms of color know that it’s okay to drink beer. From there I began to shadow a local brewer and learn the ins and outs of the brewhouse.  Earning my Certified Beer Server certification and then landing a taproom manager position for Little Brother Brewing Barrel and Bottle in Graham North Carolina, which happens to be where I was born and raised. Before I took on this position, I was working in Charlotte, North Carolina, so I had no idea how the local statute had been affecting my community at home. Since then I have changed the atmosphere of the taproom, bringing a more diverse clientele. I have also launched several collaborations to raise money for various organizations. 

What is something you’re proud of in your craft beer career so far?

My biggest accomplishment in my time in the beer industry has been taking over my local Pink Boots Chapter in Greensboro, NC. after only being a member for six months. My local chapter was going to be closed due to lack of membership and leadership. I have since then taken over leadership, and also we went from four members to twenty members. We are the most active in our area, showing up to events and local conferences. We also have members that are board members of our local Guild. I myself have also been nominated for a board position for the Pink Boots after only two years of membership. I will be speaking on a panel on May 8th at the Craft Brewers Con in Nashville.

Why is this grant opportunity important to help you along your journey?

This opportunity will help me to gain more marketing experience that I will use to build my brand blkbeermom into a LLC. I plan to launch a merch store and create educational experiences through my brand as well. 

What’s your favorite beer style?

My favorite beer style is a Saison, such an under-appreciated beer style.

What’s a mantra that you like live by?

“She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her……..”

Follow along and connect with LaShanda: @BlkBeerMom

“My ultimate goal is to let female moms of color know that we can do anything we want to do, by breaking down these barriers that are in place to hinder our experiences and job opportunities.” – LaShanda Poteat


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