Shop the Bevolution Creators Merch Fundraiser in Collaboration with Beer Is For Everyone

The Bevolution Creators Merch Fundraiser in collaboration with Beer is for Everyone features artwork by Jacque Irizarry titled “The Future is Female.” Help us raise funds for future Bevolution Creators in Brewing grants by purchasing a merch item. Thank you for your support! Connect with Jacque at the below! Instagram: @_Hoppenstance

Upcoming Virtual Events + Merch Fundraiser

Register for our upcoming webinars with Brave Noise partners HRuprise & Safe Bar Network! TODAY (TUESDAY) April 19th at 11am PST / 1pm EST Code of Conduct Webinar (FREE) Hosted by HRuprise Register Now THURSDAY April 21st at 11am PST/1pm EST HR Policies You Need (FREE) Hosted by HRuprise Register Now TUESDAY April 26th at 9am PST /Continue reading “Upcoming Virtual Events + Merch Fundraiser”

Congrats to our Women of the Bevolution Content Creator Grantees!

Thank you to all who submitted for our first Women of the Bevolution BIPOC Creators in Brewing Grant! In collaboration with Jen Blair @UndertheJenfluence and Lindsay Malu Kido @BeerisforEveryone, we have selected 5 grantees to receive $300, a 1 hour marketing and content creation strategy consultation with Ash Eliot (Founder, Women of the Bevolution) andContinue reading “Congrats to our Women of the Bevolution Content Creator Grantees!”

Women of the Bevolution Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a few gift ideas, consider the below female-owned shops and creators! If you’d like to submit a female-owned business to be included please email or DM us. The Bountiful Bag These creative bags for that special beer lover in your life is are made by upcycling malt bags that were usedContinue reading “Women of the Bevolution Holiday Gift Guide”

“Waiting it Out” is Not an Option

Haven’t we waited long enough? When I saw a story shared by @EmboldenActAdvance about a male beer industry media professional being asked at the CA Beer Summit “How breweries embroiled in social media controversies should react…He suggested ‘waiting it out’ rather than addressing the issue publicly, regardless of any harm may have been caused toContinue reading ““Waiting it Out” is Not an Option”

An Open Letter to BrewDog

Signed by over 70 former employees and about 45 who were afraid to share their names. Dear BrewDog, In the last few weeks, we have witnessed what will hopefully be the start of major change in the beer industry. This has been largely down to the brave acts of many people coming forward to tellContinue reading “An Open Letter to BrewDog”

Where Are Our Male Allies?

For the past few days, me and several other women within my network have been strategizing on what to do next, pulling together resources, doing outreach, sharing everything we can on social media and trying to figure out who can help us ensure this #BrewToo movement receive’s mainstream attention so change actually happens. Personally, IContinue reading “Where Are Our Male Allies?”