“And I Say Let It Burn” by Tessie Warnecke, Head of Coffee for Modern Times Beer

May 18, 2021 Regarding the gender discrimination and sexual assault stories being shared by women who work in craft beer that’s shaking up the industry. In October of 2019 I sat in my apartment in San Diego refreshing multiple tabs: fire maps, wind maps, twitter feeds with hashtags of #Healdsburgfire, #kincadefire, #chalkhillroad, #highway128, #calfire, etc.Continue reading ““And I Say Let It Burn” by Tessie Warnecke, Head of Coffee for Modern Times Beer”

Sexism in the Beer Industry

Hey, Ash here. When I started Women of the Bevolution, I was still only a year or so into the beer world after leaving my record label and entertainment career of 10+ years. Working in the music industry though I am grateful to have had two amazing and strong female bosses during that time, itContinue reading “Sexism in the Beer Industry”

Pink Boots Los Angeles 2021 Beer Collaborations

Los Angeles Women in Beer Collaborate with Local Breweries To Spotlight Female Professionals in the Brewing Industry & Raise Funds for Nonprofit Pink Boots Society Pink Boots Society aims to assist, inspire and encourage women in the fermented / alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education. Los Angeles, CA – Pink Boots Society’sContinue reading “Pink Boots Los Angeles 2021 Beer Collaborations”