Bevolution Brave Voices Fund

To further support the brave voices who have shared their stories, Women of the Bevolution has partnered with Another Round Another Rally (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) and beer industry professionals Brienne Allan and Jen Blair to launch an emergency relief fundraiser to provide women, femmes and non-binary individuals who work in the alcohol industry with resources to help them leave toxic work environments and move forward.

What started out by Brienne Allan, a brewer and production manager at Notch Brewing in Salem, MA, asking on her Instagram Stories @RatMagnet if anyone had ever experienced sexism in the beer industry quickly became the inquiry that sent shockwaves throughout craft beer, subsequently inspiring a BEVOLUTION. Inspired by the brave voices who have shared now thousands of stories of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, assault and racism in the beer industry, we are collecting funds for these alcohol industry professionals to have the support and resources to leave toxic workplaces. Tax deductible donations will be used to provide financial aid for bills, mental health therapy, legal advice and job placement assistance to help those in need transition out of these companies and have the necessary support to move forward.

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